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Top 10 Tips for Moving Safely During Covid-19

Before you move:

1. Choose your moving company carefully and ask questions.

2. Get a virtual moving quote.

3. Be clear on the process of rescheduling your move.

4. Clean and disinfect.

During Your Move (Your Movers Have Arrived for Loading and Unloading):

5. Greet with a smile, not a handshake.

6. Maintain a six-foot distance.

7. Wash hands.

8. Practice CDC recommended protocol to decrease the spread of the virus.

9. If at any point before or during your move, you suspect you’ve been exposed to the virus or have symptoms, contact your mover to determine what to do.

After Your Move:

10. Thoroughly disinfect your new space before you unpack and settle in.

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(source: United Van Lines)