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Ports Benefit from 2022 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Projects

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the 2022 Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act have provided the U.S. Army with $22.81 billion in funding. $17.09 billion is earmarked to fund “studies and projects, maintain existing infrastructure, and repair damage and dredge channels in response to floods and coastal storms” according to The Honorable Michael L. Connor, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works.

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Where and Why Americans Moved in 2021

Since 1977, United Van Lines annually tracks migration patterns on a state-by-state basis. This year’s survey results indicated 32.5% of Americans moved for a new job or job transfer 31.8% of Americans who moved did so in order to be closer to family. California had 59.3% outbound and 40.7% inbound. The survey indicated that for inbound moves most (47.59%) were done for a new job or transfer and for outbound most (34.98%) were to be closer to family.

Top Inbound States:
Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Oregon, Idaho and Rhode Island.

Top Outbound States:
New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Ohio and Nebraska

Balanced States:
Kentucky, Wyoming

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Smaller Ports: One Solution for West Coast Port Congestion

Smaller West Coast ports are seeing increased volumes as cargo owners and freight forwarders start using them to avoid larger port congestion. Smaller ports that have seen a surge in cargo include:

  • Port of Hueneme
  • Port of San Diego
  • Port of Portland
  • Port of Cleveland
  • Port of Montreal

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