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Moving in Snowy Winter Weather

If you’re planning a move during the snowy season, keep these tips in mind.

Confirm Dates and Details: Stay in close contact with your mover or move coordinator, especially in the two or three days leading up to the move.

Pack With Extra Caution: If you’re moving something particularly precious to you, consider taking it with you in your car. Don’t skimp on boxes and packing materials.

Prep Your Vehicle: Schedule a tune-up with a reputable mechanic to make sure your car’s ignition, fuel, heating and computer systems are in good shape.

Prep Your Loved Ones, Too: If it’s cold and snowy outside, make sure you and those traveling with you are bundled up. Dress in layers so you can easily add or remove clothing throughout the day.

Make Sure All Access Points are Clear: Driveways and sidewalks at both ends of your move must be clear of snow, ice and slush as much as possible.

Take Care of Your Utilities: Utilities (particularly heating) need to be carefully coordinated at both ends of a winter move, especially if there’s an unplanned interval between your scheduled move day and your actual arrival.

Protect the Floors: Pick up some inexpensive plastic tarps from a hardware store and lay floor mats down at every outside door to protect hardwood, tile and carpeting. 

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(Source: United Van Lines)

Winter Moving Tips

Moving in winter has its own set of challenges. Here are some tips to make the move smooth.

Prepare Your New Home

  • Ensure that your new home is ready (check with the real estate agent or the rental property manager)
  • Make sure you have heat and lights for move in day
  • Clear the snow from walkways
  • Check that parking Areas and/or lane-ways are clear

Prepare Your Old Home for Moving Out

  • Clear snow
  • Protect inside space
  • Keep sand/salt and shovels on hand
  • Have hot drinks available
  • Track the weather and have a backup plan (in case of inclement weather)
  • Plan your travel route carefully
  • Get your car serviced and have all the necessary equipment with you
  • Have an emergency contact list with you

(Source: United Van Lines)