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Quality Care

ISO9001 – Crown was the first moving company in the United States to be certified in both domestic and international moving and storage businesses.

FAIM – This certificate ensures consistent use of best practices in the freight forwarding operations of the company.

FAIM PLUS – Crown was awarded this certificate for demonstrating a consistently high level of quality


MEMBER WORLDWIDE ERC – Many Crown personnel hold a certification from the Employee Relocation Council as a degree and a continual educational program for Global Mobility.

GREEN CERTIFICATION – Crown is certified by this agency which dedicated to protect, preserve and sustain our environment.

SPARE THE AIR programs to educate residents about the effects of air pollution and encourage them to take action


LICENSED FREIGHT FORWARDER – As a licensed freight forwarder, Crown is required to hold this credential in order to move shipments by ocean.

CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE – Crown’s Contractors State License Board D34 and C61 licenses.

PUC LICENSE – Crown’s maintains a current PUC license and has done so since 1972.

C-TPAT – This Certification ensures that Crown maintains a secure supply chain as it conducts its transportation services around the world.

INTERSTATE AUTHORITY – Crown’s Interstate Authority is provided by United Van Lines.

Commercial Service

ALLSTEEL – Crown personnel are certified to install Allsteel office systems. Allsteel is headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, designs, builds, and delivers workplace furniture solutions.

STEELCASE – As of September 14, 2016 Crown personnel are certified to install Steelcase office systems. Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase is over 100 years old and creates workplace furniture solutions.