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Cardboard boxes and china with packing material as if someone is moving into a house.

Moving across country or getting special china out for the holidays? These tips will help you keep your dishes safe.

  1. Wrap and stack plates in bundles up to four and bowls in bundles of two to three. Wrap china separately before bundling.
  2. Wrap glasses and mugs individually.
  3. Wrap the stem of a wine glass with a folded sheet of paper before wrapping in packing paper.
  4. Wrap items with lids, such as teapots, in paper and then wrap in additional paper creating a bundle.
  5. Pack items in the dish pack lined with crumpled paper, beginning with the heaviest items first. Place bundles of plates and bowls on their side. Build layers separated with cardboard and use cell packs for glasses and stemware, as well as collectibles or other breakables.

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